JAY-Z is hopeful that his NFL partnership will bring about social change

Dayna Haffenden

 // Aug 14, 2019

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During a press conference that took place today (Aug. 14), JAY-Z and NFL Commissioner Robert Goodell spoke about their partnership between the NFL and Roc Nation.

In the midst of speaking on new ideas for the league, JAY-Z also spoke on former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. The Brooklyn spitter reasoned that "We've passed kneeling," and the league is in need of a different approach. Jay made it a point to say that he does support protesting.

"I'm not minimizing [protests] because that has to happen, that's a necessary part of the process," Jay stated. "And now we all know what's going on. What are we going to do? How are we gonna stop, because the kneeling was not about a job, it was about injustice."

He continued, "Let me bring attention to injustice. Everyone's saying, 'How are you going forward if Kaep doesn't have a job.' This wasn't about him having a job. That became a part of the discussion. He was kneeling to bring attention to injustice. We know what it is. Now how do we address the injustice?"

Unfortunately, there has been a ton of controversy surrounding the NFL since Kaepernick's exit. Earlier this year, Kaepernick reached a settlement with the NFL. With the addition of JAY-Z, Goodell is hopeful that the NFL will be able to bring about social change in a positive way.

"Roc Nation is one of the most globally influential and impactful organizations in entertainment," Goodell said. "The NFL and Roc Nation share a vision of inspiring meaningful social change across our country. We are thrilled to partner with Roc Nation and look forward to making a difference in our communities together."

With Jay's latest partnership, the "Song Cry" rapper will have a helping hand with the league's social initiatives. JAY-Z will also be asked to consult on the Super Bowl halftime show.


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