Introducing "Funny AF" comedian David Murphy


 // Aug 12, 2019

REVOLT TV's new stand-up comedy series, "Funny AF," airs every Wednesday at 10:00 p.m. EST and this week, we're featuring another two comedians who are looking to break barriers. In this upcoming episode, REVOLT Studios welcomes David "Murph" Murphy, as he takes the stage to drop jokes about his personal experiences and hip hop. The comedian goes in with hilarious stories about getting robbed in L.A., the moment he realized his grandfather was a stalker, and male strippers getting down to the wrong Tupac tracks.

The series consists of 20 rising comedians who unapologetically take the stage to share hilarious stories. Watch some of Murph's skits from his upcoming episode and learn more about the comedian below:

Enjoy "Funny AF" comedian Murph's "Grandfather Stalker" skit
Watch "Funny AF" comedian David Murphy's "Male Strippers" skit

David "Murph" Murphy was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA. Murph started off as a freelance writer for carious stand-up comics around the city. He decided to take the stage for himself in 2013. He won the Flapper's Comedy Competition in 2014. In 2015, Murph was taken on the road to be the featured act for a headliner in Las Vegas. His universal sense of humor was shared with international audiences in places such as London, England, Hong Kong, and even Vietnam in 2018.

Murph was recently selected as a finalist for Los Angeles' top radio station KROQ in their April Foolishness comedy competition held at the Nokia Theater. He was chosen to take part in San Luis Obispo's SLO Comedy Festival, as well as the Big Fire comedy fest in 2018. He can be seen performing all over the greater Los Angeles area.

Watch the full first episode of REVOLT's comedy show "Funny AF" now!
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