Boosie Badazz blasts American Airlines in expletive-laden rant after being prevented from boarding

KC Orcutt

 // Jun 10, 2019

Boosie Badazz // Artist Instagram

Boosie Badazz is making it clear he has no intentions of flying with American Airlines ever again.

The Baton Rouge native took to social media over the weekend to air out his grievances, accusing the airline of racism after an encounter took place that blocked him from boarding a flight he was scheduled to take.

As reported, after arriving in Charlotte, N.C. for a connecting flight headed to Great Rapids, Mich., the rapper and his children were barred from boarding, resulting in his sharing an expletive-laden post on his Instagram to express his frustration.

"American Airlines r racist, ignorant, bitch MFs, f----t ass f--ks. I hope u b---hes [and] y'all planes crash," he wrote. He then continued on his rant in the caption, even going as far as calling the airline's employee he communicated with a "b---h ass hater."

According to XXL, LaKesha Brown, a spokesperson for the airline, explained that the rapper was not allowed access to board the plane due to his late arrival and nothing else. Brown noted that the aircraft gate had already closed per standard procedure and therefore Boosie simply was forced to miss his flight, like any other in his unfortunate position would have.

"While we understand misconnections are frustrating, [Boosie] was not denied boarding for any other reason other than he arrived after the door had already closed for departure," another spokesperson for the airline shared with TMZ.

In addition to threatening the airline employees and wishing doom on the future success of their business, Boosie lets it slip that the inconvenience stemming from the allegedly racist incident made it so that he and his family had to miss their scheduled plans for the day, a pool party.

Take a look at Boosie Badazz's Instagram post below and see for yourself why it has everyone talking today on social media.

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(American Airlines)The man who just refused to let me get on the plane with my kids IS a bitch ass hater. If I ever see you again I’m go spit n yo fucking face you bitch ass hater.The captain told you that we could be let on but you did not want us on because of your jealousy towards me .I MISS MY FUCKING POOL PARTY YOU BITCH ASS HOE . You jealous ,broke ass , pussy ass , bitchass faggot you deserve a bullet n yo fucking face you hoe ass RACIS BITCH. U look like a bitch ass mf . I BET YO KIDS suffer because of yo pussy ass. I BET THEY HUNGRY now cause of yo pussy ass .I HOPE I catch yo bitch ass out this airport one day u fuck nigga.how did GOD let yo bitch ass live so long ? American Airlines is a fuck ship , THEY ALWAYS DELAYED , THE PLANES ALWAYS SHAKING, FIRST CLASS TREATMENT IS BULLSHIT , THEY BARELY HAVE TVS ON THIS BULLSHIT ASS PLANE N THEY HIGH AS FUCK ‼️ DO NOT RIDE AMERICAN AIRLINES Because u will not get to your destination on time n the people that work for this wack ass airline company have horrible attitudes .THEY RUDE ASS FUCK n this black bitch don’t even try n help a nigga after seeing this man fucked over me n my kids ,SAD ASS BLACK UGLY BITCHES.I hope THIS NIGGA HATER Mhave a head on collision n die coming from yo airport job WITH YO pregnant wife n the car you PUSSY 🖕🏽🖕🏽I HOPE U BITCHES N THESE PLANES CRASH N BURN hope I see u n da streets pussy 👌 🙏🏼crash n burn hoes 🔥n if anybody got a problem with what I said SUCK MY DICK see me n the streets n say something

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