Listen: Lucky Daye's debut album 'Painted'

Sabina Palmieri

 // May 28, 2019

Lucky Daye

Following the release of his singles "Roll Some Mo," "Extra," "Love You Too Much," and "Karma," rising R&B singer-songwriter Lucky Daye shares his 13-track debut album Painted. Despite being born into a religious cult and banned from listening to secular music, Daye taught himself melodies through singing bible verses and Dr. Seuss poems. Years later, he's been able to craft a diverse range of sounds that flow together seamlessly to portray his emotions and experiences in what now exists as 'Painted.'

Sharing a personal note alongside the release of this project, Lucky Daye states: "This album is my first baby. It's where my heart hides. It's a colorful window that is exclusively open to the truest form(s) of love. It is a letter to you. You who judge me, you who hate me, you who talk love but never show me. You who watched me kill myself to love you. You who I should have loved but missed out on, You who I loved wrong. You who i want to have more of and it kills me because i can't help it. You who I only want to be next to. And most importantly a letter to #mydayeones. Thank you for reminding how it feels to be gave a fuck about! My fans 4ever are my friends 4ever!!

Listen here:

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