Watch: Lou Phelps' latest visual inspired by iconic albums

Sabina Palmieri

 // Apr 29, 2019

Lou Phelps

Montreal artist Lou Phelps is back with a new video for his WondaGurl-produced single "Word," in which he pays homage to iconic album covers. Speaking more on the process of creating the video, Phelps states: "These are all iconic albums that I love and have amazing covers. I wanted to bring them to life for this video and make the people say 'OH WORD?!'. Every time I make a song I have an idea of what the video could be or the visual behind it could be. I watch a lot of movies, I'm a very visual person. I have a feeling that when I hear something, I can visualize what I have in my head and I can translate that to the director, who makes that happen." Check it out here:

Lou Phelps - Word (Official Video) [prod. By WondaGurl]
Lou P Celestic
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