Dominic Fike drops 2 videos for his single "3 Nights"

Chase Ichiki

 // Apr 5, 2019

Dominic Fike

The Florida native originally released his Don't Forget About Me Demos back in 2017 while on house arrest. Fast forward to 2019, now sub-planted in the middle of Los Angeles today Fike released not one but two videos for his hit single "3 Nights". The first visual is directed by Kevin Abstract of Brockhampton that serves as a spur of the moment capture of Dominic running throughout the neighborhood and performing the record. While the second visual offers a more traditional visual representation of "3 Nights" directed by Nathan Rickard. Both videos offer different glimpses into the budding star that is Dominic Fike. Check out the two videos below:

This Is Dominic Fike
Dominic Fike - 3 Nights (Official Video)
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