Kari Faux shares her new video "Leave Me Alone"

Ken Glauber

 // Feb 22, 2019

Kari Faux

Kari Faux has returned from a reflective hiatus to release "Leave Me Alone," an R&B downtempo track seeping lush vibes from every opening. The song carries a similar smoothed out energy from the likes of Ravyn Lenae or SZA without ripping them off or being derivative. The video, directed by DylanMcGale, is vivid and slick, making great use of Faux's facial expressions to get her lyrical point across, mixed with tons of inserts of notable fashion items and other helpful and subtle visual cues. Stay for the whole video to catch a cameo from a certain booming Baltimore icon.

Kari Faux - LEAVE ME ALONE (Official Music Video)
Kari Faux
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