Cardi B responds to news that she's suing Quality Control for negligence


 // Jan 30, 2019

On Wednesday (Jan. 30), a report published by The Blast claimed that Cardi B is pursuing legal action against Quality Control Management over an incident that allegedly took place in May 2018 after the Met Gala.

Cardi B has since responded to the report she's suing the company for negligence, referring to the story in a since-deleted post on Instagram as "BIG F—KIN LIES."

The post, which was shared Wednesday afternoon, was deleted about an hour later. Cardi also reportedly added, "Wow! This is sooo scary who come up with this? Don't ya know we family! Anyways TWERK record is #29 on billboards and Offset album coming soon and is beautiful."

In court documents obtained by Complex, it appears as though Cardi B made a cross-claim to absolve herself of any responsibility in connection with the aforementioned incident and is denying liability. In other words, if the court agrees with the plaintiff, she does not plan to pay any possible awarded sum of restitution. No lawsuit has been filed against Quality Control.

The initial report claims that the Bronx rapper wanted the management company to take responsibility for an incident during which a fan allegedly suffered injuries at the hand of the security team, saying it is the management's fault if the security they hired does not do its job properly. The fan, Giovanni Arnold, was hopeful to get an autograph from Cardi B and Offset and was waiting for the couple outside of New York's Mark Hotel, where instead he was allegedly beaten.

After the suit was filed in July 2018, the Mark Hotel responded to the lawsuit claimed that Cardi, Offset and Quality Control Management should be liable for any potential damages.

Arnold claimed that the pair instructed their security team to attack him after he asked for an autograph and went on to file a lawsuit in July 2018. In the suit, Arnold added that following the Met Gala, he was attacked by three of the couple's bodyguards and subsequently had to go to the hospital to seek medical attention for the injuries he allegedly suffered. He is seeking unspecified damages.

Cardi B signed a management deal with Quality Control back in March 2018 and is a close associate of the company's due to her relationship with Offset. The QC family boasts Migos as one of their biggest signees.

More on this story as it develops.


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