6ix9ine's former manager Shotti hires El Chapo's lawyer


 // Jan 18, 2019

Shotti, 6ix9ine's former manager, has made a high-profile addition to his legal team. Much like the controversial rapper, the ex-affiliate born Kifano Jordan is currently facing a maximum sentence of life in prison.

As reported, Jordan has acquired new representation, hiring none other than Jeffrey Lichtman, who is best known for his work representing alleged drug lord Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman.

Per court documents acquired by Complex, Jordan added Lichtman to his legal team and called on the famed attorney to represent him in his ongoing federal racketeering case. Both he and 6ix9ine are being accused of a handful of charges related to their alleged involvement in a street gang called the Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods. Among the charges they are facing are federal counts of drug trafficking and armed robbery.

Previously, Jordan had hired Scott E. Leemon to represent him court. The lawyer reportedly requested to step away from the case and accused his client of not compensating him for his services. While the request to part ways was honored, the news of Jordan's acquisition of one of the county's most influential and reputed defense attorneys has fans wondering exactly how he could afford it, especially if non-payment was the reason Leemon had asked to be absolved of his responsibilities.

Lichtman has built a reputation for himself over the years, representing a variety of clients such as John Gotti Jr., The Game, Fat Joe and Shannade Clermont, among others.

Per Akademiks, Jordan's new legal representative will appear on Jan. 22 in court. He and his co-defendants will be making an attempt to be released on bail.

6ix9ine's trial has been scheduled to begin on September 2019. Both he and Jordan were among those arrested back in November 2018.

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