Peter $un shares his new album 'Don't Forget to Smile'

Sabina Palmieri

 // Jan 7, 2019

Peter $un

Peter $un is back with a new album titled Don't Forget To Smile.Produced by Blue Rondo, the project consists of 8 tracks including his previously released single "Marci." Speaking more about the project, Peter states:

"The title 'Don't Forget To Smile' came from about 3 years ago when I was going through my worst times with depression & anxiety. While I was still making 'Beautiful Piece of Shit,' I would always tell myself life is shit but smile through it...don't stop smiling, don't forget to smile today. 'Beautiful Piece of Shit' was supposed to be 'Don't Forget To Smile,' but it didn't feel right yet. The sound wasn't exactly the right fit for the title. I already knew how I wanted this to sound and what vibe I wanted. I've been working on my insecurities and fighting with anxiety for years. The homies already know... but it's on some shit now where I was finally ready and able to share a piece with everyone else and it felt right. I'm the most creative I've ever been right now. It felt good to get all that shit off my chest. I feel like I covered a lot of issues and problems in my life that everyone can relate to and that was the goal...full transparency. Blue Rondo produced and mixed the whole project. He killed it with the production and definitely helped me bring my emotions to life. LISTEN TO THE FULL EP PLEASE! IT IS MEANT TO BE LISTENED TO FROM BEGINNING TO END. IT IS A STORY."

Take a listen below:

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