Chance the Rapper reveals he helped save someone’s life after car crash


 // Jan 1, 2019

Chance the Rapper, like many of us, spent New Year's Eve (Dec. 31) reflecting on 2018 and sharing memories with his followers on social media.

In true form to the holiday's intended ritual of looking back at the past, and taking inventory of goals and aspirations for the year ahead; the rapper let the world in on the secret that he had a life-changing experience in 2018 -- but, not one related to music, as fans could safely assume.

Taking to his Instagram story, the Chicago native reflected on a terrifying incident that took place in April 2018, revealing to fans that he played a direct role in saving someone's life.

To back up his claim, the rapper posts a photo of a burning vehicle and went on to explain how he witnessed a car going "like 90 [miles per hour]" and crashing into a wall after exiting a freeway. Chance says he was on his way to an Easter church service when he saw the fiery accident take place.

"I was the only person out there when it first happened," Chance explained, recalling what went down when he decided to help out the stranger in need. "And his car was on fire. So, I had to break his window, take off his seatbelt, let his seat back and pull a whole grown man out [of] the car unconscious. I was only by myself at first. Then, two older men helped me pull folks out the front after I got the doors open."

The rapper also admits that he was so shocked by what had happened, he thought it was some sort of an unreal prank. Then, Chance explained how he was unfortunately "never able to find out if [the] dude was alright."

From there, Twitter "did its thing" and found out the identity, as well as condition, of the man Chance had stopped to help.

"A kid DM'd me saying it was his uncle and that he lived!!" Chance tweeted, sharing the good news.

Needless to say, it's been quite the year for Chance the Rapper. From organizing community events in his native Chicago to helping save a fan's uncle from a burning vehicle, Chance certainly is living up to his reputation as a bonafide local hero.

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