Fans react to Omarion outlining rules for B2K reunion tour


 // Dec 27, 2018


The members of beloved R&B boy band B2K have given fans a year-end blessing, revealing that 2019 will see their first official reunion tour in fifteen years.

The run of shows, aptly titled the Millennium tour, will signify the first run of shows that Omarion, Raz B, Boog and Fizz will have performed together since the group disbanded in 2004. Naturally, the news of the tour, which will also include Mario, Ying Yang Twins, Chingy, Lloyd and Pretty Ricky as supporting acts, has got the internet in a frenzy.

However, some fans are joking that not all are welcome, commenting that the tour should be exclusive to the day-one fans who witnessed the group's breakout success firsthand. Omarion jokingly echoed the sentiment, sharing a post of "rules" for those who attend to follow.

"Rules for the B2K concert... If you were born after the year 2000, do not come. This ain't for you. Stay yo young ass at home," the meme, which was written by Instagram user @Keicha.Nicole, reads.

The post then details a dress code for male and female attendees to follow with everyone being encouraged to rock a pair of Air Force 1s.

"Men: Air Force 1s, Throwback Jerseys Untied Durags with Hats or Head bands, Baggy Jean's and all other clothes 2 sizes too big are allowed," the list continues.

Additionally, for women, the dress code includes, bandanas, velour track suits (also "2 sizes too big") and other fashion staples of the 2000s.

Omarion found the humor in the list of "restrictions," encouraging those who attend the concerts to rock throwback looks if the mood strikes.

"I would say come as you are!" the singer wrote. "But if you feeling 2000's - DRIP UP! Fan/Fam club is almost 20 years plus! Ayeee"

The group, which was formed by producer Chris Stokes, rose to prominence in the early aughts. Their smash single, "Bump Bump Bump," featured Sean "Diddy" Combs and helped establish the boy band as a staple act of the era.

Take a look at Omarion's endorsement of the "rules" to attend the B2K reunion and see how fans are reacting in the posts below.

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