3 "Drink Champs" interviews in 2018 that fans couldn't get enough of


 // Dec 26, 2018

To say that the year 2018 has been an eventful one would be a major understatement. As soon as that clock stuck 12:00 a.m. on Jan. 1 eleven months ago, there's been nonstop twists and turns. Some good, others... not so much. They've been a number of different moments in 2018 that many people, ourselves included, will never forget. Some things made us laugh, some things made us angry, some things made us feel a number of different feelings at once. But, all of these instances helped us get new perspectives on things and mature to some degree. And isn't that what people should want do every year?

Here at REVOLT TV, we've had our fair share of monumental moments that we'll definitely never forget occurred in the 2018, as well. For one, we launched the mega-successful "State of The Culture" series. On top of that, our "The Breakfast Club" and "Drink Champs" series are continuing to crush it, and remain well-respected and loved in these hip hop streets. For that, we have to thank the fans who've been tuning into our shows from day one, as well as the amazing new fans that we've copped this year.

So, in honor of the greatness that REVOLT TV has witnessed in 2018, we've decided to take a little walk down memory lane for a few of our series. From "State of The Culture," "The Breakfast Club," "Drink Champs" and more; REVOLT's programming's had many big moments in 2018. Plus, as we head into the new year, you better believe that we're planning many more!

With that being said, let's take a look at the top three interviews of "Drink Champs" in 2018 below.

1) Ja Rule Talks Murder Inc, Ashanti, 50 Cent Beef And More
'Drink Champs' | Ja Rule (Full Episode)

Ja Rule pulled up to "Drink Champs" and gave one of the best, most hilarious interviews of the year on the series. The New York rapper didn't hold back when he discussed Murder Inc., having beef with 50 Cent, his rap/singing that many artists are doing in today's music; and so much more. This was one conversation that viewers didn't want to end.

2) Faith Evans Get Candid About The Notorious B.I.G., Bad Boy Records And More
'Drink Champs' | Faith Evans

The first lady of Bad Boy Records sat down with "Drink Champs" for an interview that was LONG overdue. Many fans of the songstress waited for her appearance on the show to come and when it finally did in July, the sit-down exceeded expectations. Evans didn't bite her tongue one bit when she talked about her late husband, The Notorious B.I.G., signing to Bad Boy Records and sooo much more; which made this unfiltered convo one for the 2018 books.

3) Young Dolph Drops Gems About Being An Independent Artist
'Drink Champs' | Young Dolph (Full Episode)

And then, we have the one and only Young Dolph. The rapper spoke about his career as an independent and how much power he has because he isn't signed to a major label. The artist also touched on the boss moves that he's now making, and encourages others to make, as well. Respect to him for dropping some much-needed knowledge in this interview that just took place earlier in December, which was perfect timing for the interview to be considered one of the best in 2018 for the "Drink Champs."

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