Cardi B denies she's back together with Offset despite reuniting in Puerto Rico


 // Dec 24, 2018

Artist // Instagram

Cardi B has built her empire by being authentically herself, a quality that amicably has not changed one bit despite experiencing the biggest year of her career thus far.

Most recently, the Grammy-nominated rapper once again warmed the hearts of her fans by sharing a hilariously blunt explanation behind her recent reunion with her estranged husband, Offset.

After photos leaked of the pair riding a jet ski in Puerto Rico this weekend (Dec. 23), Bardi hopped on Instagram Live to keep it 100 with her fans, offering an explicit but relatable reason why the two were spending time together on vacation. Offset recently attempted to reconcile with Cardi, crashing her set during Rolling Loud and apologizing in front of the colossal crowd with a $15,000 display of roses arranged behind him.

"No, I just had to get f—ked, that's all," Cardi says, debunking the rumor she and Offset are officially back together. "I feel rejuvenated, b—h. B—ch, I feel so rejuvenated. I feel baptized. B—h, I feel f—king baptized, b—h. I feel like a brand new f—king woman."

Offset also offered a bit of post-coitus commentary on Instagram, captioning an image in his trademark all-caps style, "P — Y K N O C K E D M E O F F M Y F E E T B A B Y."

In addition to addressing their reunion, Cardi B also blasted the jet ski rental company for leaking photos of their reunion, reiterating how they were hoping to keep the latest development in their relationship out of the public eye.

"Let me tell you something about the jet ski n—a, right," Cardi B said, addressing the situation on Instagram Live. "The jet ski, what is he, the instructor? Whatever the f—k he is. He was taking pictures of us in our phone like, 'Oh, I'm gonna send you these pictures so you guys have memories and I'm going to delete it.' I'm like, 'Oh, okay.' So yeah, mutherf—ker. The pictures, you f—king sent them to TMZ, or you sent them wherever. And it's just like what type of professional s—t is that?"

While Cardi B isn't happy that word of their destination reunion got out, she's handling it like the comedic people's champ she is.

In related news, the Invasion of Privacy rapper has reportedly been in talks to perform at the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show. On Friday (Dec. 21), representatives for the Bronx native confirmed that she is not accepting or entertaining any offers, explaining that there was nothing concrete and that her support for Colin Kaepernick would outweigh any potential offer anyhow.

"The rumor circulating that she wants a million dollars and she wants her own set is false," the rep shared in a statement with Page Six. "There was never a firm offer to begin with for a performance. There [were] talks about it, but she was not particularly interested in participating because of how she feels about Colin Kaepernick and the whole movement... But again, there was never a solid offer for her to say yes or no to regarding the Super Bowl. She is already confirmed to do a set with Bruno Mars that weekend."

Take a look at Cardi B explaining her motives for reuniting with Offset and confirming they are not back together in the clips below.

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