Lil Uzi Vert comically runs out of interview with Nardwuar


 // Dec 17, 2018

Lil Uzi Vert is quite the character, establishing himself as one of the most eccentric, charming and meme-able rappers to emerge in recent memory. Over the weekend, the Philadelphia native further reinforced why his personality is refreshing in today's music scene.

During a conversation with Nardwuar the Human Serviette, who is reputed for digging up obscure facts about his interview subjects, Uzi became increasingly uncomfortable with the famed interviewer's line of questioning.

After talking briefly with venue security and management about his scheduled interview with the rapper, Lil Uzi emerges from the dressing room and instantly compliments Nardwuar's sneakers. From there, the Vancouver-based music journalist presents Uzi with a statuette and rare promotional poster of his hero G.G. Allin. From there, things take a strange turn when Nardwuar next presents a poster for the 2005 Rob Zombie film The Devil's Rejects.

"I'm glad I'm a good guy because if I was under investigation for something, I'd be scared right now," Uzi says laughing, surprised and confused at Nardwuar's ability to know a personal detail about him that hasn't been greatly publicized. "How you know that? They don't even know that. I don't talk to them about that."

Next, Nardwuar brings up Guns Garcia, addressing the DJ by name. But, not following up with a formal question. The namedrop alone was enough to irk Lil Uzi, who then, abruptly and comically dashes away because Nardwuar "knows too much."

A chase then breaks out with Nardwuar succeeding in getting Lil Uzi to end the interview with the traditional send-off of "doot doo!"

Needless to say, the whole encounter makes for one of the most memorable and hilarious Nardwuar interviews to date. Check it out below.

Nardwuar vs. Lil Uzi Vert (2018)
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