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Kathy Iandoli

 // Dec 17, 2018

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This week has been a bad massage, I need a happy ending – Kanye Omari West

Somehow a Kanye West quote was perfectly fitting for a week that Kanye West ruined. So, for anyone who missed it (but let's face it, we were all tuned in), last week Kanye took to Twitter to do what Kanye does: Complain and then turn into the Dalai Lama. It's obviously indicative of something bigger going on upstairs, but entertaining nonetheless, especially when he paints himself to be this mental health guru following a social media-inspired breakdown. But anyway, in peak Kanye fashion, he goes on this verbal tirade and then checkers in these "peace and love" and "positive energy" meme-worthy tweets in between more outbursts.

This time it was all about Drake. Part of me wanted to go on and paste every tweet here and critique each one. But, there's no merit in doing that. Plus, Kanye may delete all of these tweets in the next 24 hours. Another part of me was concerned this would be old news by the time this column posted. But, FIRST OF ALL, my thoughts are timeless and second of all, there's a greater discussion to be had here, which I will get to once I provide some context for the three people who weren't tuned into this drama.

So, we're all aware of this whole Kanye vs. Drake vs. Pusha T vs. 40 vs. your mom's neighbor vs. the gas station attendant at BP vs. everyone.

Drake wrote on Kanye's 20-minute album, Pusha T and Drake get into it, Pusha finds out Drake has a kid and uses it against him, Drake thinks Kanye told on him about the kid, blah blah blah. Then, Drake offers his hot take on the art of beef in an episode of LeBron James' series, Pusha performs at Camp Flog Gnaw and some low level festival screen operator puts "Fuck Drake" on the projector, and now here we are. At least until this Kanye West situation happened.

Let's set the stage: Kanye West is on Twitter, scheduled to ruin it the way he did Instagram. He's reposting tweets on wanting to touch lava, filming videos of talking trees, asking Bob Dylan to hang out, making references to God (But, I thought HE was God confused emoji) and just living life online the best way he knows how: All about him and his whims.

Then, he gets a text from "Free": "Drake sent in a clearance request for 'Say What's Real.' Do you wanna clear?"

Uh oh.

So, my guess is that Drake is attempting to load his 2009 So Far Gone mixtape to streaming services, which means he needs to clear all of the samples on the mixtape, since now he'll be turning over a profit. Drake sampled Kanye's "Say You Will" on "Say What's Real." And here's where Kanye snapped.

We learn a few things about Drake here -- at least told through the eyes of Kanye. Apparently, Drake likes to check in on everyone through Kris Jenner, he talked threats to Kanye after calling him about the sample (Kanye won't clear the sample now), Travis Scott called in some threats, too, (Christmas dinner will be awkward) now that we all know "Sicko Mode" has a Kanye sub on it, Drake is mean to those with mental health issues (which Kanye apparently means himself and Kid Cudi), people get hurt at Drake concerts, and Drake is allegedly dissing Kanye for "clout." And the thing is, Kanye keeps tweeting errors and correcting them in new tweets. He doesn't even bother regretfully deleting the tweet and reposting it with proper edits—probably because he likes seeing that increasingly high number of likes and retweets. We could shout out terms like "narcissist" and "bipolar," but I know people who are both and wouldn't give him the honor of bearing those titles. Nah, this is classified as Kanye Disorder.

He punctuates it all with his "positive energy" bit and makes a couple more references to God before he goes back to showing off his sweatpants with a brain on them (maybe his fell out and landed on his leg). It's all so exhausting.

This should come as no surprise, but Kanye West shouldn't have access to social media. I get that everything is a blank canvas to him, just pleading and begging for some stroke of Ye to the surface. But, after all of that Donald Trump loving, 20-minute albums, new distrust for MAGA, and now this Drake thing, he's damaging his brand to the point where the ONE thing we all TRULY care about will vanish. That one thing being his music. It's bad enough his fascination with social media has led to a significant decline in the quality of his music due to this constant haphazard creating in real time. But, must he forego what little he has left of that to dive headfirst into various platforms like a mosh pit that suddenly dismantles the moment he's in flight? This is not the place to self-medicate, sir. Go get help like the rest of us, not at some spa in Malibu where you get a few facials. Attend a few meetings, and claim you're "refreshed." Delete your social media accounts, get better, and start over. Then, release a brilliant ass album like we all know you have in you.

I can't say I miss the old Kanye anymore. But, I miss the Kanye who had enough self-awareness to save his sloppy behavior for MTV VMAs stages and not a place like Twitter where everyone from Target promo ads to your neighbor Beth all congregate like we're one in the same. Enough is enough already. The irony is, social media is a breeding ground for everyday people to live out our own narcissistic fantasies and yet somehow Kanye has managed to pry that from our cold Twitter fingers and make it all about him. Maybe he is a genius after all.

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