Armani White shares new song and visual for "Onederful"

Sabina Palmieri

 // Dec 3, 2018

Armani White

It has been a few months since we've heard something new from Philadelphia artist Armani White, but he's back with a music video for his new song "Onederful." The bouncy, feel-good track features production from deadBEATS and Carneyval with assistance from Louis Futon and Ariel Shrum. Speaking more on the song, Armani says: "'Onederful' is a song my niece helped me make that broke me out of my creative block. It all came together like a perfect accident and I spent months fine-tuning it to perfection. We even lost access to the studio we were using in the middle of the process of making the song. We had to sneak in late at night to record the choirs and drums. Every time I listen to it now, it revitalizes that energy of rebirth for me as an artist and a lifts my soul and smile simultaneously." Watch it below:

Armani White - Onederful (Official Video)
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