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KC Orcutt

 // Nov 15, 2018

Kimberly Goldson has been taking the fashion world by storm. Since competing on Project Runway in season 9, she has elevated her career and is on the road to becoming one of the hottest new designers.

After Goldson made her debut on the reality TV series in 2011, she launched her own lifestyle brand alongside her sister Shelly Powell. In the years that followed, Goldson made her mark on the sneaker landscape. In 2018, she made history by helping design the first ever Nike sneaker designed for women by women, in partnership with LeBron James.

The sneaker, HFR x LeBron 16, was created in collaboration with Harlem Fashion Row founder Brandi Daniel, who selected Goldson, Undra Duncan, and Fe Noel to create the shoe alongside Nike global basketball footwear designer Meline Khachatourian.

The collaboration became a brilliant limited-edition sneaker that married the inspiration and aesthetics of each of the women. The sneaker utilized an evolved flyknit material that also featured elegant gold hardware and lace tips, as well as the stitched inspiration of "dignity, loyalty, courage, and strength."

"Once you're actually in the shoe, you're standing on those four words. That's the foundation. There's also the lion figure on the back of the shoe, which symbolizes not only LeBron—as you know, he calls himself the king—but more the strength of a woman. She is more the king or queen of the jungle. We used all of those symbolisms to really represent the strength of a woman." Goldson shared, speaking about the inspiration behind the sneaker with Forbes. "We want all women to feel strong, all women to know their power, all women to feel like queens."

The groundbreaking shoe, which was also the first LeBron signature sneaker to be reimagined by female designers, went on to sell out in five minutes on September 7. As a result of the undeniable success, these women proved that not only is there plenty of room for diversity and inclusion in sneaker culture, but a demand for it.

From elevating a basketball sneaker in terms of luxury to encouraging more opportunities for women in fashion, Kimberly Goldson's impact on the sneaker world is equal parts monumental and just getting started.

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