Wiz Khalifa announces he's working on a full-length R&B album


 // Oct 22, 2018

Artist // Instagram

After establishing himself as a GRAMMY-nominated rapper, with six studio albums under his belt, Wiz Khalifa is ready to switch things up and try his hand at something different.

During a conversation at Power 106 in Los Angeles, the Pittsburgh rapper revealed he's been working on an R&B album.

So far, Wiz confirmed that the project will feature "all singing" and that he's already about 20 songs deep into it.

Not only that, but the 31-year-old is so serious about his next creative offering, he's even hired a vocal coach to fine-tune his voice.

"Absolutely, 100 percent, I have a vocal coach," he shared during the radio appearance. "She taught me some things I didn't even know about my voice."

Most recently, Wiz dropped a collaborative single with They., "What I know Now," as well as made a brief cameo appearance in the Netflix original film, The After Party.

Take a look at Wiz Khalifa detailing his upcoming R&B album in the interview clip below.

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