Kanye West to meet with Donald Trump on Thursday to discuss criminal justice reform


 // Oct 10, 2018

XXL // Twitter

While Kanye West wasn't able to tweet out the news for himself—given his recent abrupt decision to delete his social media accounts—it appears the rapper is making it known he will be making sure his voice counts in other places, such as the White House.

According to reports, the Chicago rapper is expected to pay his buddy Donald Trump a visit on Thursday (Oct. 11), where the pair, along with White House senior advisor Jared Kushner, are scheduled to have lunch together and discuss a variety of important topics.

The meeting, which was confirmed in a statement by White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, is reportedly intended to address job opportunities for those released from prison, as well as "what can be done to reduce violence in Chicago." The focus on the latter comes days after Trump proposed implementing stop-and-frisk policing tactics as a way to combat a "terrible shooting wave" and to end the city's "crime spree."

Following news that West will be once again meeting with Trump—the two previously met at Trump Tower in 2016 to discuss "multicultural issues"—the president himself commented on the upcoming meeting with reporters from CNN, saying "he's been a terrific guy, you know. He loves what we're doing for African American jobs, for so many different things."

West recently doubled down on his support for the current administration and his choice to regularly sport a MAGA hat, explaining that for him the red hat is really his "Superman cape."

This past May, West's wife, Kim Kardashian, met with Trump at the White House to advocate on behalf of Alice Marie Johnson, successfully earning the 63-year-old an official pardon. Johnson, a Black woman, was serving life in federal prison for a first-time drug offense.

Hopefully Kanye West's decision to meet with Trump will follow in a similar vein as his wife's and will do more than make headlines and add to the argument his legacy is in decay but alas, only time will tell.

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