French Montana explains why he chose to post bail for an unnamed woman in the Bronx


 // Oct 10, 2018

As exemplified in countless ways throughout his career, French Montana has dedicated his platform to shining a light on the world issues that mean the most to him, whether he is helping inspire others to get involved with their communities or working to improve healthcare in Uganda.

Most recently, the Global Citizen Ambassador decided to give back to the city that made him, taking his charitable efforts to the Bronx.

Taking to Instagram, French confirmed that he officially has joined the Mass Bail Out initiative, which aims to free women and children from jail who are too poor to afford bail.

"Today I came home to the Bronx and posted bail for someone who should have never been caged in the first place," the rapper shared. "Thank you to @glblctzn, @rfkhumanrights, @revolveimpact all the grassroots, black led groups who have been using bail as a tool for liberation for decades. Poverty is not a crime. Pre-trial detention is the real threat to public safety."

In addition to advocating on behalf of the Mass Bail Out initiative on Instagram, French also spoke with TMZ to further explain why this movement is so important to him personally.

"I got a best friend doing 75 years in jail, I got another best friend doing 30 years in jail, one of my best friend's brothers is in that same place we left," French elaborated. "I just feel like, you know, it's not a crime to be in poverty. I feel like you should never be guilty until innocent, you should be innocent until proven guilty. Just because you can't afford to be out of there don't mean you should be in there."

For more information on how to get involved and support the Mass Bail Out initiative, please visit their official website and see French Montana's post below.

French Montana Explains Why He Bailed a Woman Out of Jail in the Bronx | TMZ
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