SAINt JHN shares video for "Lust"

Sabina Palmieri

 // Sep 19, 2018


Brooklyn-bred artist SAINt JHN shares a visual for "Lust," his third video from his 13-track album debut album Collection One. As he drives through the desert with his four wives-to-be dressed in white lingerie, you'll see him sporting an outfit he designed for himself for his fashion line called Christian Sex Club. Speaking more on the creation process, SAINt JHN says, "I'm just making the things I wanna see, the world I'm creating looks ignorant, loud, sexy, fast and black asf.. and then I get to add my music to it?! That's pretty Litt!!" Watch below:

SAINt JHN - "Lust" ft. Janelle Kroll (Official Video)
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