Drake reportedly suing a woman for extortion following alleged rape and pregnancy claims

KC Orcutt

 // Sep 19, 2018

Artist // Instagram

While he has been keeping busy this summer and touring with Migos, Drake is making time to have his day in court.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Drake and his lawyer Larry Stein have filed a lawsuit against a woman, known as Layla Lace, for extortion, emotional distress, fraud, defamation and abuse of process. The suit arrives stemming from an ongoing situation that appeared to escalate over the past years when Lace alleged that the Scorpion rapper impregnated her, later going on to make rape accusations.

Drake claims to have met Lace in Manchester, England, during a stop on his 2017 'Boy Meets World' tour. After meeting, Drake says they had consensual sex. Soon thereafter things took a sour turn when Drake claims Lace became upset when he chose not to take her on tour with him, with Lace repeatedly texting him asking when she could see him. Drake also claims that Lace created a "fantasy relationship" between the two and when things didn't unfold in the manner she was possibly hoping, she claimed she was pregnant and threatened to publicly leak messages between the two.

After appearing on Shade45 to air out the supposedly dirty laundry, Lace reportedly demanded money from the Toronto rapper for her and her alleged baby. She also reportedly threatened taking legal action for defamation after Drake claimed to have never even met her before.

Following this, Lace allegedly refused to have a paternity test done. Drake claims she then made false rape accusations against him with the New York police. Soon thereafter, the case was referred to the Manchester police, who cleared Drake of any wrongdoing. From the looks of it, that wasn't the end of the tension, with Drake saying in the lawsuit that Lace demanded millions of dollars in exchange for keeping quiet.

Drake's attorney is arguing that there was no evidence of the alleged child's existence, adding in the suit, "There is no credible evidence of pregnancy, nor any baby, which would have been born last fall."

According to the court documents, Drake is asking for unspecified damages.

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