Ro Ransom releases "Possessed" his most personal project yet

Chase Ichiki

 // Sep 14, 2018

Ro Ransom

The 25 year old Harlem native has released songs, projects, and even toured with international star Dua Lipa. But today Ro Ransom delivers his latest 8 track EP Possessed. The title Possessed originated from "When I was having an anxiety attack I was listening to Yeezus...and hearing "Guilt Trip" I was so entranced by the music that it pulled me out of what I was going through...I thought I need to make a record like that". Aesthetically Ransom was heavily inspired by late 90's female Pop and R&B acts like TLC, Destiny's Child and Aaliyah. Possessed's artwork, color palette, and typeface are all paying homage to the aforementioned acts that initially inspired him to make music in the first place.

The project itself showcases the emotions of a breakup. Ransom says, "If you really listen to the album front to back it's really about a breakup that I had...you kinda get to see the 7 stages of grief. The denial, the shock, the acceptance...even the flexing songs, it's a band aid of what you're actually going through." Recording Possessed primarily on the road, Ransom was completely out of his comfort zone pushing himself to new limits musically, lyrically and physically. Highlights of the project include "Wake Up On You", "Might Go" and his most vulnerable song "Take Control". Check out the visual for "Might Go" as well as the album below:

Ro Ransom - Might Go (feat. Kensei Abbott)
Ro Ransom
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