Che Lingo confronts toxic masculinity with "No Sidekicks"

Sabina Palmieri

 // Sep 14, 2018

Che Lingo

South London rapper Che Lingo teams with Mick Jenkins on the new single "No Sidekicks," a track that's all about challenging "old-school masculinity." Che states: "No Sidekicks is about admitting that as men we aren't always the hero's and women are not accessories. They don't always need saving and them wanting to be with us is a choice to be respected as a collaboration of lives. There are no sidekicks in a healthy relationship and more time, it's the men that need saving. In more ways than one...It's important to continue to challenge old-school masculinity with this song, and realize it's more than okay to be saved sometimes. I feel a lot of guys still struggle with this." The track is a part of his forthcoming Sensitive EP, which is scheduled to drop this fall. Stream the new release below:

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