Remy Ma tells Joe Budden he's "scared to death" to respond to Eminem


 // Sep 12, 2018

This week, on the series premiere of REVOLT TV's new show State of the Culture, co-hosts Joe Budden and Remy Ma went head-to-head when discussing Eminem's new No.1 album, Kamikaze, the barrage of disses that Marshall Mathers launched on the LP (including one directed at Budden himself), and fellow rapper Machine Gun Kelly's scathing (and applauded) response, "Rap Devil."

"You guys heard that bullshit, I'm sure," Budden said of Kamikaze, sparking the conversation with his panel partners, including co-hosts Scottie Beam and Jinx.

Coming in candid and unfiltered, Remy Ma instead turned the tables on Budden, passionately inquiring about why he hasn't reacted on record: "Is that because he actually dissed you, and you have yet to respond because you mad p—y, and you scared to death, and you know he would flame you if you even try? Is that why?"

"No, Rem, that's not why," Budden calmly said. "No, I like rap where people are saying things, that's all. And Machine Gun Kelly, regardless of what you think of his actual skill set, he had a lot to say."

Further driving her point home, Remy doubled-down, replying, "No one really gives a fuck about what MGK has to say; we wanna know what are you gonna say. What are you gonna say?...Who we expected to respond though? Why you ain't say nothing?"

Watch Budden's reply, and the full episode, 'The State of Slander,' below.

'State of the Culture' | The State of Slander (Full Episode)

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