RRose RRome talks co-signs and making “edgy” music


 // May 17, 2018

Brooklyn rapper RRose RRome has been steadily climbing up the spotlight ladder for some years now. Earlier this year, he made a splash with "Ziploc" featuring Jadakiss. He also snagged a Chris Brown feature for his "Draco" freestyle, quickly amassing over 300,000 views. With his eyes on applying pressure on the game, here he talks to REVOLT about his rise, making "edgy" music and influences to go forward.

How did music become your calling?

I've been a diehard fan of hip-hop since grade school. I know that I was destined to make quality street music since about 13-14 years old. I would rap at the basketball tournaments for the all Litty ball players, hustlers and other rappers and they would go crazy! From there a friend started taking me to the studio and I would later perfect my craft.

How has your story defined you?

The music I make is edgy, straight to the point and most important real. Whether it's something I've gone through or dealt with personally, or events that I've watched or have heard happen, it's factual but most of all relatable.

What was your thought process behind your new record?

"Excellent" is something that I think everyone would like to describe themselves' as. Although facing adversity and taking a few L's, I found a way to remain humble, put myself back together, and get back to the bag. Few sessions in Platinum Studios and Wallah and straight to FM and satellite radio.

With a wide range of influences, how would you describe your sound?

I have music that appeals to mainstream clubs and to the niggas stuck in the trenches. Also relatable to both sexes and all ages.

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