Childish Gambino debuts new music during ‘Saturday Night Live’

KC Orcutt

 // May 6, 2018


Childish Gambino has made a welcome return, debuting two new tracks during Saturday night's episode of SNL (May 5).

The offerings, "Saturday" and "This Is America," mark the man known as Donald Glover's first new solo material since dropping his 2016 masterpiece, Awaken, My Love!.

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While pulling double duty on the renowned late night show, handling both hosting and performing duties, Glover kicked off the episode by delivering a hilarious monologue that played off the theme mocking the fact that he previously auditioned for the show on two occasions but never got the job. He swears he's not bitter about it, all while asking the cast what they did to successfully land a spot on the show.

Diving into the episode itself, Glover participated in a handful of sketches, including one parodying Kanye West's past controversy-filled week on Twitter and another where he pokes fun at Migos (with a cameo from A$AP Rocky).

During the performance aspect as Childish Gambino, he debuted two songs that are set to appear on his upcoming and possibly final album. Coinciding with his appearance on Saturday Night Live, the multifaceted entertainer also surprised fans with the official music video for his politically-charged track, "This Is America," which is directed by his longtime collaborator, Hiro Murai.

Check out Childish Gambino's new track and visual for "This Is America," as well as watch him perform "Saturday" and participate in SNL's glorious comedic madness, below.

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