Vic Mensa proposes having a sit-down with Killer Mike to discuss gun control

KC Orcutt

 // Mar 25, 2018

Vic Mensa was among those who performed at the March For Our Lives rally on Saturday afternoon (March 24), lending his talents and platform to help amplify the gathering's denouncement of gun violence.

While the rally in D.C. drew hundreds of thousands, and people around the world participated in over 800 sister rallies, not everyone was on board with the march's rallying cry for stricter gun legislation. During a recent conversation on NRA TV, Killer Mike expressed his stance, advocating on behalf of gun owners in the U.S.

March For Our Lives | Protestors at Washington D.C. rally spread powerful messages of anti-gun violence

Taking to Twitter, Mensa decided to address the Run the Jewels rapper in response, proposing that the two of them sit down and have a proper debate on each other's stances on gun ownership and current legislation.

"To @KillerMike : YOU DONT NEED AN AR-15," Mensa wrote. "As a black man & fellow gun owner I would like to have a debate with you about your stances on gun-control."

Although many have responded with criticism over the fact Killer Mike expressed his opinion on the NRA's own platform, he has since agreed (while responding to fans on Twitter) that he'd be willing to continue the conversation elsewhere.

"We got the same publicist and u have my phone number. I ain't dodge'n u," Mike shared, responding to Mensa's proposal.

Considering their opposite views but mutual respect, if Killer Mike and Vic Mensa were too discuss their perspectives, they'd likely garner the support of fans and create a healthy dialogue surrounding the issue.

Take a look at what could be the start of an important, impactful conversation, below.

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