Watch: This parody brilliantly mashes up ‘Black Panther’ and Jaden Smith’s “Icon” video

KC Orcutt

 // Feb 17, 2018

Earlier this month, Will Smith broke the 'gram with a hilarious parody of his son Jaden's music video for his SYRE song "Icon."

While the Fresh Prince's spin on his son's track helped further catapult him to the top of today's "must follow" list, he may have unknowingly started a new trend.

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With Black Panther taking over the box office and the internet alike this weekend, Nerdist decided to raise the parody bar even higher, mashing up the visual aesthetic for "Icon" with that of the Marvel epic.

For the rework, the lyrics are changed to be from the main character T'Challa's point of view, such as with the tweak to the chorus, "I am just a young king living."

Absolutely amazing. While the Nerdist Presents parody is top-notch quality content, the TDE and Kendrick Lamar-curated soundtrack to the film arguably takes the cake, as well as is heading for the top of the charts.

Check out the utterly delightful Black Panther and "Icon" mash-up, below.

Young King - Black Panther Jaden Smith Parody (Nerdist Presents)
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