Kendrick Lamar to ban photography at his live performances

KC Orcutt

 // Feb 11, 2018

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Kendrick Lamar is once again taking his artistry into his own hands.

As reported by the Guardian, Lamar will be banning photography from his live performances, both from fans and professional shooters.

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With reasons varying from wanting fans to enjoy and live in the moment by keeping their smartphones at bay to wanting to remove what could be a distraction from a pit of professional photographers, the ban was reportedly Lamar's call.

Lamar is currently on tour over seas, with the European leg of his tour the first to implement this new policy.

Per the Guardian, Lamar made this rule with the desire to "protect his brand" in mind. He previously allowed and employed a handful of official photographers for the North American dates of his DAMN. tour to capture images and video for him.

For those who have witnessed the Grammy Award-winner perform live, with his shows extremely visual and dynamic, the ban on photography is a bit bittersweet. But as we know and respect, Kenny's in charge.

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