Stream: Marlon Craft kicks off new EP series, ‘A Dollar In Quarters’

KC Orcutt

 // Feb 10, 2018

Sen M. Floyd // Instagram

New York rapper Marlon Craft has been putting in work, bar by bar and sacrifice by sacrifice, and like the age-old idiom suggests, he's finally starting to see how burning the midnight oil pays off.

After gaining esteem following a series of viral freestyles, such as one that weaved in every rapper from the 2016 and 2017 XXL Freshman class and another tearing Trump apart limb by limb after his "s--thole countries" remark, the Hell's Kitchen native is showcasing his talents as a songwriter. Friday (Feb. 9) saw the first installment of his new EP series, A Dollar in Quarters.

2017 XXL Freshman Reveal

Each month through the early summer months will see the release of a new installment, with each track speaking to his perspectives and furthering his craft as an MC.

Marlon Craft is someone who can undoubtedly rap circles among his competition, but his main driving force is bettering his own talents and speaking to an audience that can't help but respect what he's been authentically building in his own backyard and beyond.

In an age of SoundCloud rap, Marlon Craft is a breath of fresh air, and a reminder how lyricism will always hold weight. Most recently, he joined Dizzy Wright on tour, continuing his mission to keep expanding his fanbase and delivering quality music and live performances alike.

Take a listen to Marlon Craft's new EP, the first installment in his series A Dollar in Quarters, below.

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