New York Police Department opens investigation into Russell Simmons

KC Orcutt

 // Dec 15, 2017

Paul Archuleta // Getty Images

The New York Police Department's special victims unit has reportedly opened an investigation into Russell Simmons after a series of new sexual assault allegations surfaced this week.

Wednesday evening (Dec. 13), the New York Times issued an in-depth report, during which four women shared their personal accounts regarding incidents involving the music mogul.

At the time of this report, at least 11 different accusations of sexual misconduct have been made against Simmons, all of which he has since denied.

Rumor Report | Russell Simmons accused of rape by multiple women
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As reported, the NYPD is in the early stages of its investigation, with the special victims unit focusing on the seven alleged incidents that took place in New York City.

Sherri Hines, one of the women who has come forward on the record accusing Simmons of rape, confirmed that the investigation had begun, sharing with reporters that the NYPD contacted her earlier in the day Thursday (Dec. 14).

Simmons has since responded, both with a formal statement and with a post on Instagram, expressing his innocence and declaring that he will be fighting to clear his name.

"Today, I begin to properly defend myself," Simmons posted on Instagram. "I will prove without any doubt that I am innocent of all rape charges."

More on this story as it develops. See Russell Simmons' latest post commenting on the situation below.

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