Astronaut Scott Kelly admits he’s a fan of Cardi B after his Twitter was hacked

KC Orcutt

 // Nov 23, 2017

Artist // Instagram via New York Magazine

Cardi B's career has been soaring to new heights this year, even recently garnering the attention of NASA.

Tuesday night (Nov. 21), NASA astronaut Scott Kelly reportedly tried to get the attention of Cardi B on Twitter, a move that many of her fans appreciated at the time.

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"Scott Kelly here," the tweet read. "Have some collaborative ideas. DM me."

Unfortunately for fans of the Bronx native, the astronaut came forward with a second tweet, explaining his account had been compromised.

"Back on the grid! It seems my @Twitter account was compromised," he wrote. "Thanks to concerned followers, I am OK. The issue has been resolved and errant tweets were deleted. No slight to @iamcardib. You are still on my music playlist."

A collaboration between the famed astronaut and Cardi B definitely would have been interesting, to say the least. Perhaps the seed has been planted and something will manifest in the future.

Take a look at Scott Kelly clearing up the speculation below.

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