RZA is reportedly suing dog-walking company Woof-Tang Clan

KC Orcutt

 // Nov 18, 2017

Woof-Tang Clan

Considering the Wu-Tang Clan's logo and name is one of the most recognizable symbols and entities worldwide, it doesn't come as a surprise when others draw inspiration from the illustrious collective.

However, one company took things a little too far, with RZA deciding to step in and take action.

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As reported, the Wu-Tang founding member has filed a trademark opposition suit against a dog-walking company in Brooklyn called the Woof-Tang Clan.

In the lawsuit, RZA explains that the name and logo of the Wu-Tang Clan has been "unmistakably associated" the group since 1993 and that the pet company violated the multiple registrations already owned by the Wu-Tang Clan.

Both the company's name and branding borrows a little too closely from the Wu-Tang Clan, with a t-shirt further incriminating the owner Marty Cuatchon.

On the company's website a shirt is available for sale promoting the dog-walking service, with the threads showcasing a dog named Bali on a blue-and-yellow ID card, as an ode to Old Dirty Bastard's solo 1995 debut, Return to the 36 Chambers.

While the shirt and company's name are cute, we all know and respect that RZA has a responsibility to make sure the Wu-Tang Clan's name (and coins) are protected at all costs.

At the time of this report, it is unclear if RZA is seeking financial recompense or if a simple cease and desist will clear this one up.

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