New Music: Lil’ Kim breaks lengthy hiatus with “Took Us A Break”

KC Orcutt

 // Nov 3, 2017

Lil' Kim

As Lil' Kim puts it best herself, the wait is over!

The Brooklyn legend has returned to the booth, today (Nov. 2) sharing her latest solo offering, "Took Us A Break."

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In true Queen Bee form, the song features Kim balancing between boasting about her lavish lifestyle and reminding her haters just who paved the way.

"I was raised in the school of hard knocks," she spits. "These b—s is class clowns / Giving y'all my old clothes, my old flows like hand-me-downs / I see y'all watching my Snap / Trying to see what else you could jack."

Lil' Kim has been in a period of hiatus following 2005's The Naked Truth, save for occasional guest features, with this new solo track reminding fans that although she may have taken a break, she hasn't skipped a beat nor lost her lyrical prowess over the years.

Additionally, Remy Ma and Kim have recently announced their forthcoming collaboration, with many fans speculating the new song, "Wake Me Up," will double as a ruthless diss track against Nicki Minaj.

While only time will tell what her track with Remy holds, the iconic emcee has generously dropped a loose single to help tide fans over. Take a listen to "Took Us A Break" below.

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