'Drink Champs': Irv Gotti calls Drake a "genius," compares him to Eminem

Shaheem Reid

 // Nov 1, 2017

JAY-Z. DMX. Ja Rule. Ashanti. Irv Gotti definitely knows about being around talent who sell multi-millions, and on this week's Drink Champs, Gotti tells hosts N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN that if Drake would have been able to put out the music he has now back in the late 1990s-early 2000s, not only would the Canadian hitmaker have flourished, but he would have experienced Marshall Mathers-esque domination.

"If Drake was in my era, Drake would be selling 15 million-to-20 million a clip," an adamant Gotti declared. "Do you know this? Right now, he sells three, four [million]. If he was in my era, he'd be selling 15-to-20 [million]. I know this. Once he does something outside the music genre, he's going to see how colossal he is. That right, colossal! Listen, he's a genius. He's a genius. That motherfucka is a fucking genius. Drizzy, for sure, is a genius. He's, dare I say, our Eminem for today."

And Gotti has a lot more to say about Em on the episode, giving Slim Shady the ultimate props and insisting that his bars on "Renegade" were superior to JAY-Z's. Watch a sneak peek below.

'Drink Champs' | Irv Gotti (Trailer)

Watch 'Drink Champs' with Irv Gotti tomorrow, Thursday, November 2 at 10pm ET.

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