Report: Cardi B accuses police of racism after being kicked out of hotel in Albany, New York

KC Orcutt

 // Oct 22, 2017

Artist // Instagram

Cardi B is accusing the Albany Police Department of racism after being kicked out of a hotel room early Sunday morning (Oct. 22).

As reported, the hotel staff at the Hilton in Albany, NY, received several complaints about noise and the smell of marijuana, with police being called. Upon arrival, the cops asked the "Bodak Yellow" rapper and her crew to leave, despite reported findings that there was no evidence the smell or disruption was coming from Cardi's room specifically.

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Cardi's departure was captured on video, with the footage showcasing the Bronx rapper yelling "Racist motherf—kers" on her way out.

The rapper has since taken to social media to explain the situation in her own words, posting a series of clips discussing how racism is the only clear explanation she can fathom considering she does not smoke.

"I do not smoke weed," Cardi says in one of the clips. "And none of my team members smoke weed. If they wanted to kick us out for something else, alright. But for weed, I'm not taking that. 'Cause I do not smoke."

She also added that Albany has a reputation for being racist, explaining that she has now experienced it to be true firsthand.

"You wanna know something," Cardi continues. "Albany is known for being racist. Every single time n—s from New York get locked up and get sent upstate, they are always complaining about COs beating them. I really experienced that s—t yesterday."

At the time of this report, the Albany Hilton has not issued a statement responding to the incident.

Take a look at Cardi explaining what happened in the clips below.

I’m not going for that

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Shit got me tight

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I had such a good time in Albany thooo and the show was poppin .Color kids be careful out there thooo

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