Naughty Boy teases remix to Beyoncé collaboration


 // Oct 17, 2017

Discovering a previously unknown Beyoncé song seems pretty unlikely in 2017. But that's exactly what appeared to happen to some people when she was heard soundtracking a new Chanel commercial this past August. A simple Google search would ultimately reveal that the song was "Runnin' (Lose It All)," a 2015 track from English mega-producer Naughty Boy, frequent collaborator of Emeli Sande, Leona Lewis, and Tinie Tempah (and co-creator of Rihanna's Unapologetic cut "Half of Me").

The track featured none other than Bey herself and Arrow Benjamin, who would eventually co-write "Freedom" with her and Jonny Coffer, but despite its magnitude of talent (and that it achieved No.1 in France and No.4 in the UK), it barely made waves stateside, peaking at No.90 on the U.S.' Billboard Hot 100 chart.


However, the song is now being given new life (and hopefully some new ears). Naughty took to Twitter earlier this week to tease a rework of the cut, writing: "coming soon.. running.. the chilled mix.."

While the original was an anthemic and stampeding club-ready record, the remix is a stripped-down piano ballad that shines the spotlight solely on Bey's power vocals.

No word yet on when, or how, the full version will be released, but get a sneak peek below.

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