Gucci Mane teases DELANTIC clothing ahead of Friday release


 // Sep 26, 2017

Gucci Mane is having a busy month. Not only did he release his autobiography, he's also getting ready for his impending nuptials, completing the Mr. Davis album, and announced he's working on a screenplay.

On top of that, he's launching his clothing brand, DELANTIC, this Friday. The brand is a passion project with longtime friend and 300 Entertainment co-founder Todd Moscowitz. Gucci also revealed that Theory's Austin Rosen and Minya Oh (Miss Info) are also partners in the label.

If you're inclined to think that this is just another brand that doubles as glorified tour merch, you'll probably be pleasantly disappointed. According to sources, Peter and Patty Chung - who have previously worked with UNDERCOVER and Supreme - were brought on board for the creative direction.

Get ready @delantic launching Friday @lilwop17_

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