Celebrities and cultural figures weigh in on this weekend's NFL anthem protests

Ralph Bristout

 // Sep 25, 2017

In the aftermath of this weekend's unprecedented collective and action of solidarity among NFL players, following bewildering criticism from Donald Trump, we've seen organizations like NASCAR owners threaten to fire its drivers and/or crew for kneeling during the national anthem, a continuous ratings slump for Sunday Night Football on NBC, and a growing debate surrounding the legitimacy of the First Amendment.

The kneel, which began with former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who intended to draw attention to police violence against African Americans, back in August 2016 (beginning with the athlete initially sitting out during the anthem), has been a symbol in the polarized topic of oppression and racial injustice in the United States as it goes from tucked in the background to out in the forefront. Reactions to the #TakeAKnee movement and Trump's comments over the weekend, were both physical and vocal from celebrities and cultural figures.

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