Kanye West responds to cancelled tour countersuit


 // Sep 21, 2017

Last month, Kanye West sued insurance market Lloyd's of London for $10 million after alleging that it failed to pay him owed monies following his Saint Pablo Tour cancellation. Lloyd's countersued citing insurance policy exclusions that included pre-existing conditions and drug and alcohol use; their court papers read that their "investigation indicate[d] substantial irregularities in Mr. West's medical history."

Now, according to Pitchfork, West and his team are denying that the aforementioned are legitimate reasons to withhold West's insurance money.

In court documents, West's Very Good Touring company "denies each and every allegation and mischaracterization." It calls Lloyd's countersuit an "effort...to proliferate needless pleadings" and claims that it "serves no useful purpose."

Ultimately, West asks that the counterclaim "be withdrawn and stricken." Continue reading below.

Rumor Report | Kanye West sues insurance company for $10M over payments for canceled tour
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In his original suit, West claimed Lloyd's failed to pay out his insurance claim despite being informed "with sworn testimony from his primary physician...that [he] suffered a debilitating medical condition that required he not tour."

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