New Music: Khalid releases 'Perfect,' calling it a 'song from the soul'

KC Orcutt

 // Sep 20, 2017

Khalid's come-up has been an incredibly inspiring journey to watch as it unfolds, with the El Paso teen winning over new fans with each release.

After lending his talents to a remix of Lorde's "Homemade Dynamite," alongside Post Malone and SZA, the 19-year-old has posted a new single on his SoundCloud, following a similar formula as he did for his now-viral track "Location" by way of uploading the "rough version."

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The new track, "Perfect," is a soulful little ditty that features the recent MTV Video Music Award-winner's soothing vocals over an acoustic guitar medley.

After releasing the song into the wild, the singer explained that he doesn't intend on replacing the cut with a mastered version, writing, "The first song I released was a rough draft on SoundCloud. I'm leaving this on SoundCloud as well. Thank you guys, love you."

Considering that SoundCloud has treated him so kindly in the past, we certainly don't blame him for sticking to his own script.

Take a listen to Khalid's new single "Perfect" below.

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