Boddhi Satva's latest video is a trap homage to African style


 // Sep 18, 2017

DJ, producer and founding father of "ancestral soul," Boddhi Satva has been an unfailing global messenger of Central African music for over a decade. He recently tapped Congolese rapper Badi to feature on his new single, "Kitendi," an afro-trap banger that has quietly picked up steam Stateside and in the UK.

Now the duo has released a supporting visual, and it may just be the most effortlessly chic music video of the year. Directed by Gilles Geek, the project chronicles the fashionable denizens of Paris's iconic Cafe Barge. Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, the well-heeled duo behind Art Comes First, styled and art directed the video, which takes cues from Congo's famous Le Sape movement of the '60s and '80s Blaxploitation films.

Additional vintage styling comes courtesy of Marche Noire founder Amah Ayivi, whose impeccable eye for period pieces succinctly pays homage to the sartorial preferences of African musical legends like Papa Wemba and Kester Emeneya.

The ever-playful Satva, intentionally named the song "Kitendi" because it translates to 'clothing' in Lingala, a Bantu language spoken throughout regions of Central Africa. Fashion heads will also notice that in addition to cameos from Sam and Shaka, there's an appearance from notable consultant and fashion critic, Sissi Johnson.

Boddhi Satva & Badi - Kitendi (Official Video)
Boddhi Satva
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