Issa Rae's sweatshirt was the most quietly controversial 'Insecure' moment


 // Sep 14, 2017

Issa Rae's narrative-changing HBO series Insecure aims to entertain, but Rae's wry observations are also meant to challenge viewers to think more critically. One sweatshirt in particular sparked mixed reactions with its boldly-emblazoned "Niggas" graphic. Created by Kenyan-American designer Recho Omondi for Black History Month, the pullover is very intentionally eye-catching.

"It was a tongue-and-cheek offering. People liked the juxtaposition of this socially charged 'curse word' hand-sewn into pastel embroidery. It made some people uncomfortable—but our customer understands it," explained Omondi to _W_Magazine.

To see how social media users reacted, head over to Fashion Bomb Daily to get the full story. You can also purchase the piece for $160 here.

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