Day N Night Fest 2017 | Earl Sweatshirt debuts brand new song during his set

KC Orcutt

 // Sep 14, 2017

Mark Nguyen // REVOLT

The 2017 edition of the Day N Night Festival took over California this past weekend, with thousands gathering to enjoy performances from a mixed bag of acts featuring the most celebrated and buzzing names in hip-hop.

Throughout the course of the three-day affair, fans were treated to an onslaught of new music, including previously unreleased material from Earl Sweatshirt.

Day N Night Fest 2017 | Earl Sweatshirt debuts new song

The Los Angeles native has been in somewhat of a reclusive period, with his most recent album, I Don't Like S--t, I Don't Go Outside, arriving in 2015. Much to the surprise of those in attendance, Earl decided to take advantage of his time on stage and preview a previously unheard track.

The unreleased song, naturally, also has fans wondering if the new track represents the rapper's official return to the studio, with Earl confirming earlier this year that he is working on a new album.

"Get your energy right / Enemy comin' in by the droves," the rapper can be heard rapping in a clip captured during the festival. "My own issues on the back of the stove burner like coal in the caboose / You know the boy the truth, no Sojourner."

Perhaps the Odd Future member will continue his pattern of premiering new music during his live set when he joins Solange on stage next month.

While we all wait and find out, check out Earl Sweatshirt debuting his latest material in the clip above.

Day N Night Fest 2017 | Earl Sweatshirt delivers "Off Top"
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