'Power’ actress Donshea Hopkins talks intense fan reaction after Raina St. Patrick tragedyThe actress shares fan reaction from the tragedy on this week's episode.

Mack Pittman // REVOLT TV

Aug 22, 2017

The showrunners of Power have broken our hearts like never before. On Sunday (Aug. 20) in the closing minutes of Episode 9, Raina St. Patrick, daughter of the series lead Ghost (portrayed by Omari Hardwick), was killed outside her school dance (damn you Ray Ray).

Actress Donshea Hopkins, who plays the angelic-hearted teen, says the reaction to her character's murder has been off the charts "crazy." Especially on social media.

"Everyone's been tagging me and stuff," Hopkins told Revolt TV exclusively this week. "I feel bad because I've been trying to look at all of [the posts] but I can't. They've been getting pushed down. People even created an obituary for me.

Donshea Hopkins of "Power" talks about passionate fan reaction to Raina St. Patrick

"Now that Raina's dead, I feel bad for Raina. I always feel bad for Raina," she continued. "It's weird. Especially seeing yourself laying on the ground dead with your eyes open. That kinda freaks you out a little bit. But it was definitely cool watching it and seeing all the editing come into play. It's weird how people are like 'I'm sorry for your loss. I'm sorry you're dead. Rest In Peace.' I can only imagine the people that don't know me and they come on page and think I'm dead. That's going to be hilarious.

"I love the fan dedication. People have been jumping off of tables, screaming my name. They're creating petitions and doing a whole boycott with Power. I'm like guys come on. It's still a show. You gotta support the show. People come in. People leave. That's the way it works."

Raina we hardly knew ya! Literally. Hopkins' character has mostly played the background for the first few years of Power's run, but this season, the fourth overall, we got to see more of her. Raina was really the only pure character on the show. She wasn't tainted by the streets or the underworld, although she did come to the realization that her parents had secret lives that involved murder and mayhem.

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"People are calling Raina 'the heartbeat of the show,'" Donshea said. "I didn't realize the impact that Raina had. I knew she had an impact 'cause, you know, she's Ghost's daughter. Everyone loves all of Ghost's kids... Well, not all of Ghost's kids. They don't like Tariq. I knew they loved me, but I didn't think they loved me like that. It's lovely that she had that much of an impact. You guys started making me cry a little bit."

Cry for Raina, but not for Donshea. She's inspired, embarking on life after Power with tremendous optimism. Besides acting, Hopkins sings and raps. She has an 18:46 minute EP out called 3Point2. And of course she's going to take all the jewels she learned from Power as she continues he acting career.

"This season has been wild from the start," Donshea said. "Then when I saw the direction, it was going. I was like 'this is going to be pretty interesting.'"

The 15 year old says she was informed of her character's demise by Power's creator, writer, and producer Courtney Kemp Agboh.

"Courtney hit me and said 'come into my office, I need to talk to you,'" Donshea revealed. "I was like 'OK, it's either 90 percent I'm dead or like five percent I'm going to be a series regular.'"

Donshea says in her head, she was leaning towards anticipating the news she was getting killed off the show. Which was confirmed with Agboh.

"She was like 'hey, it's been a pleasure.'"

Fans of Power can get ready for my intense moments and heart palpitations this Sunday. The season finale comes on at 9 PM on STARZ.

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