John Singleton wishes O.J. to "live out his life peacefully" after getting parole

Shaheem Reid

 // Jul 21, 2017

O.J. Simpson will be a free man soon and the world is polarized about the decision. The memes on social media have been flowing and the tweets fast and furious. The world was tuned into outlets such as CNN and ESPN as they broadcast his parole hearing live in front of the Nevada Parole Board. In the end, it was deemed that Simpson was fit to reenter society. One person who was rooting for The Juice was famed director John Singleton. If you remember, Singleton directed an episode of the acclaimed FX series The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: An American Crime Story.

"It's good that O.J. is getting off," Singleton said as he was leaving the REVOLT TV offices Thursday in New York City, minutes after Simpson's parole was granted. "He's getting on parole. Hopefully, he's able to live his life out peacefully and just enjoy himself and his family."

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In 2008, Simpson was sentenced to serve 33 years in prison for the part he played in an armed robbery that took place in Las Vegas the year prior. He was attempting to forcefully reacquire personal items including sports memorabilia from dealers and collectors Alfred Beardsley and Bruce Formin. O.J. alleged that the items were stolen from him. Simpson has served close to nine years in Lovelock Correctional Facility for the crime.

"It's kind of mind-boggling to me that they [authorities] turned over to me property that I'm in jail for trying to retrieve," Simpson lamented today in front of the parole board members. The board voted unanimously 4-0 to grant Simpson his freedom Thursday. He disclosed some of his plans once he is free during the hearing, saying, "Right now, I'm at a point in my life where I want to spend as much time with my kids and my friends."

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