Celebrities pay their respects to Prodigy on social media after his death


Β // Jun 21, 2017

On Tuesday afternoon, news was confirmed that Queens rapper and Mobb Deep co-founder Prodigy died in Las Vegas at age 42. He has battled the disease of sickle cell anemia since his birth, so that is believed to have been a contributor to his death. While the cause of death is unclear, his legacy certainly is: between his role in Mobb Deep and his solo career, Prodigy is one of the most respected, influential rappers of all time. Frequent collaborator Nas broke the news first, but plenty of other artists have sent their condolences. See below for responses from other rappers, collaborators, friends and fans.

Prodigy of Mobb Deep passes away at age 42


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πŸ™πŸΎ QB RIP King P. Prodigy 4 Ever

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Don't want to believe he's gone. Omg. RIP @prodigymobbdeep #QueensFinest

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😒 Thank you for everything you gave us and left us with.

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3 months ago I've had the pleasure of having #Prodigy of #MobbDeep pay a visit to #QuestloveSupreme. It was a 3 hour interview. He was promoting his new book (written w my fav l boog sparring partner @Kath3000) & solo project. I didn't know what to expect because I never knew him or his story in depth. I knew him as an Ill MC w the menacing deadpan delivery. But besides the pound πŸ‘ŠπŸΎ & "whusup?" We pretty much kept it moving. I was so floored at him revealing his entire life story. We had so much in common it's a wonder it took THIS long for us to realize it: he too was raised in a musical family lineage full of struggle and fight grasping for respect and a seat at the table. This is probably the most honest jaw dropping interview we've ever done. Thank you for sharing your gifts w us P. Follow @QLS & click the link. Go to "episodes" in Questlove Supreme & click "Prodigy".

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"I been doing this shit for years. Holding heat, selling, using, abusing all kinds of drugs. Robbing niggas, running up in niggas cribs, you know, the whole shit. So don’t ever in your life get me confused with some of them other niggas that you might see on tv, or hear on the radio & such. Know what I’m saying? I mean this is me, P, I’m speaking for my fucking self. When you see me at the show, on stage, or in the street, I definitely got the gat on me you know what I’m saying? Know what I mean? & it ain’t like I’m trying to be a tough guy, or make people think I’m crazy by saying all this shit… but what it is is that, I know how niggas get down. I used to be in the clubs, The Muse, The Tunnel, whatever the fuck. Niggas get they little drink on having fun with they little crew, start cutting, shooting or whatever, things like that. A lot of these so called rap niggas aint never seen no parts of that shit you know what I’m saying? You dig where Im coming from? & I know a lot of y’all niggas, matter fact all y’all niggas listening to this shit is like β€œYeah, we gon see them Mobb Deep niggas we gon see what they about. You know what I’m saying? Touch them niggas we gon see where they head is at. So yo, I’m gonna let you niggas know right now. You ain't gotta waste your time, or your money on your hospital bills. & if you step to me on a personal level I don’t back down easy. There's a good chance your ass either gonna get shot, stabbed, or knuckled down..one out of the three. So don't gamble with your life duke word up. & believe me, I know very well I could get shot, stabbed or fucked up too, whatever. I ain't "Supernigga, I’m a little skinny mutha fucka. It's all about who gets who first, though you know what I'm saying? So therefore, say no more. To all my niggas, get the money, frontin niggas get deceased. And oh yeah, to all them rap ass niggas with your half assed rhymes talking about how much you get high, how much weed you smoke, & that crazy space shit that don't even make no sense, don't ever speak to me when you see me, know what I'm saying? Word. I'ma have to get on some ol’ high school shit, start punching niggas in they faces for living." -HNIC

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Not my nigga smfh im devastated right now! Rip Prodigy love you my nigga!

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