Jay Z's new album '4:44' officially arrives in late JuneAfter days of speculation, the announcement was made late Sunday night.


After a couple weeks of speculation, the guesses have been confirmed: Jay Z's 13th solo album, 4:44, will be released on Friday, June 30.

The announcement was made via a press release and Twitter, shortly after midnight Sunday. The album will be available exclusively to Sprint customers and subscribers of TIDAL, Jay Z's streaming service.

REVOLT News | Jay Z may be behind the mysterious '4:44' advertisements

We first caught hints of 4:44 when mysterious ads began to pop up on music sites and around New York City. Days later, during Game 3 of the NBA Finals, a commercial aired that showed the same 4:44 logo with a video clip of Mahershala Ali, Danny Glover and Lupita Nyong'o, along with confirming that Tidal and Sprint were the home for whatever the project was. Now, it appears that the film project with Ali, Glover, Nyong'o will either be a music video or full film to accompany the project, like Beyonce's Lemonade.

Over the weekend, Tidal re-released that same ad - and as REVOLT predicted, the music in the original ad was the instrumental for a new Jay Z song, "Adnis." The newly-released version of the ad has Hov briefly presenting the song as an unwritten letter to his estranged father Adnis Reeves; Reeves abandoned the family when Jay Z was 11, and the two mended their differences before Reeves died.

Usually, Jay comes out the box for a new album with a single that hits on the radio or in the clubs. But the fact that the first vocals we hear from him are personal may say a lot about the direction of the album, Jay Z's first since 2013's Magna Carta Holy Grail. Fresh off of his Barack Obama-approved induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame, it seems like Jay has plenty to talk about.

Luckily, we don't have to wait very long to find out: June 30 is less than two weeks away.

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